Let's Get Involved

In 2021, we started a series of interactive group sessions called Mobility Talks. The sessions engaged people of different age groups and economic backgrounds about their travel behavior, the issues they face in their daily commute and their views on sustainable modes of transportation in Guwahati. The engagement acts as a focal point to learn and communicate the urban transportation issues plaguing the city, build narrative towards the best urban transportation practices in place, discover credible solutions appropriate for the city specific and focus on behaviours and attitudes of individuals with respect to sustainable urban mobility. 

In 2022, the scope of the program was expanded and transitioned into a workshop-based model. It was re-branded as Let’s Get Involved making it a call to action for adopting sustainable modes of transport. These sessions are structured to discuss key matters relating to sustainable transportation, climate action, road safety to help build positive narratives around the same. A major goal of these sessions is to collate the concerns and suggestions of the participants and submit it to the local authorities for necessary action and policymaking. The program also aims is build an alliance of like-minded individuals and organisations working towards influencing sustainable solutions to urban issues.