Our Vision, Mission & Focus Areas

Since our formation in 2019 we have been engaging with the community through various events and programs. We engage with select government departments by impressing upon them the need for investment in sustainable transportation through petitions, letters and write-ups in different media platforms. We also conduct studies or surveys to collect evidence towards our cause.

Our Vision

To work towards developing climate resilience and improving sustainable mobility options in the urban areas in North East India by 2030

Our Mission

To help develop clean, safe, inclusive, accessible, healthy and urban settlements by enabling an affordable and sustainable mobility ecosystem and climate resilience in the urban areas of the North Eastern region by following the principles of Sustainable Development Goals via research, advocacy, participatory engagements and collaborations. 

Our Focus Areas

Our focus areas are Road Safety, Sustainable Urban Transportation and Climate Action. These can be described under 4 targets of 3 specific UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Registration Information

Pedal for a Change is registered as a Trust under Indian Trust Act 1882. Registered at the Sub Registrar's office in the city of Guwahati, District - Kamrup Metropolitan, State - Assam on 12/06/2019. 

Trust Registration number :- 7778/iv/5165.

NGO Darpan ID :- AS/2023/0351935