Pedal For A Change

We are a Guwahati based nonprofit organisation working towards promotion of Walking, Cycling and Public Transportation as climate change mitigation activities in the North Eastern region of India. 

We have a great dedicated team of people from Academia, Urban and Transport planning, Climate Action, Policy Analysis, Entrepreneurs, Media, Doctors, Engineers, and Event management who Advises, Mentors and voluntarily supports our mission and vision towards our common goal.

We support the initiatives like Mission LiFE  and FIT India Movement and accordingly our work, ideals and goals are fully aligned with them.


North East Cycling Awards

Efforts not being left un-noticed

Nominate the most deserving person in an award category. 

Visit to know more about the award categories and click on the Nominate button.

Perception Survey on Public Transport in Guwahati

Guwahati, being a rapidly developing city, has immense demand and need for a good quality system of public transport, however, the infrastructure of public transport has mostly failed in addressing the mobility and accessibility needs of the citizens. 

This survey attempts to capture the opinions and suggestions of the people of Guwahati in developing public transport in the city. Click here to take the survey

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