We Too Logo.png

Road safety awareness campaign by, for & about cyclists.


  • A sizeable section of the population use cycles for fitness, sports or commute but there are no dedicated lanes for them in the city.

  • Most of these people have faced problems while cycling.  The problems are mainly from other vehicle users who do not respect the cyclists right to use the road. Cyclists have faced abuse – both verbal and physical and many have even been hit by running motor vehicles.

  • Cyclists along with pedestrians are the most vulnerable people in city streets.

  • Due to these problems many people are scared to ride their cycles for their work even after knowing the benefits of cycling. These problems demotivate many parents to let their children ride cycles on the city streets.

  • Cyclists also need to be made aware about following traffic rules as well as about the importance of wearing helmets and being visible to other road users.


  • The name We Too is to emphasise that as cyclists we too exist and we too have equal rights to use the roads.

  • The campaign is to raise awareness amongst other motor vehicle users about the importance to share the road and respect cyclist’s right to use the roads.

  • We treat this as a road safety awareness campaign focussed on the safety of cycles as well spreading awareness about traffic rules


  • One day every month we choose a 2-3 kms section of a road.

  • We choose a time when there are motorists out on the street.

  • A group of cyclists ride on this section.

  • We interact with people and tell them about the need to follow traffic rules and respect cyclists.

  • We paste stickers on their vehicles after taking their permission.

  • We attach placards on the front and back of our cycles with some messages.