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Pratibhu Dutta

Writer, Teacher, Blogger, Cycling Enthusiast & Influencer. He is highly respected in all spheres of life and more so in cycling.


He has encouraged many to take up cycling and has been part of the organizing team for many cycling events in the region.

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Bikash Doley

Co-Founder of Spokehub Cycles - a cycle store in Guwahati. Spokehub is considered to be the best service providers in the region.


He has encouraged many youngsters to take up cycling as a competitive sport and has led to its growth in the region.

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Arshel Akhter

Cycling Enthusiast and also the first Bicycle Mayor of Guwahati.


He has worked towards  improving the cycling scene in the city both by organizing many cycling events in the city as well by writing & speaking about cycling. 

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