Database of Stolen Cycles in Assam

Stolen Bicycles.jpg
  • We are trying to document the cases of stolen cycles in various places of Assam.

  • We hope this database will help people keep track of and find stolen cycles.

Some Do's and Dons

  • After buying please keep all details of your cycle like frame number, cash memo, close-up photos. These will come in handy in case of thefts or loss.

  • If possible get your expensive cycles insured. Inquire your cycle dealer about cycle insuring companies.

  • To be on the safer side please keep your cycles inside your house, closed garage, etc.

  • Please use good quality locks and attach it to a strong pole to make it difficult for thieves.

  • Please do not ever leave your cycle unlocked when you park it outside.

  • Please report theft of your cycle at the nearest Police Station by lodging a FIR at the earliest.

  • Please inform us whenever you are able to find or get back your cycle. We will update it here.

Please Note

  • Kindly note that reporting here does not mean reporting to the Police.

  • We are also not responsible for finding your cycle.

Please use the link below to inform us about your stolen bicycle. We will update it with all proper details in some time.

List of Stolen Cycles