Why Bicycles?

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

With no emission of any kind of pollutants and taking up very small space on roads, bicycles are the most sustainable and environment friendly mode of transport for our urban areas. We advocate the use of cycles as a mode of transport within the city as using cycles to commute helps reduce traffic congestion and pollution in the city.

Various medical studies have shown that bicycles improve hand eye coordination of people of all ages and sexes. As a form of exercise cycling puts the least amount stress on joints while improving blood circulation, muscle activity and joint agility. Cycling helps develop both the brain and the heart. A healthy body helps develop a happy and fit mind, so we encourage people to use cycling for fitness and recreation.

The youth is always restless because of their boundless energy and competitive sports are a great way to channelize this energy for a positive outcome. Sports also help create a balance and discipline in our lives.

The presence of both hills and plains together with forests and rivers in our region provides a great scope to cyclists to improve their skills for exciting and very popular competitive cycling disciplines like Cross Country MTB, Enduro MTB and Downhill Races. Races on plain roads using sleek Road cycles are also a growing discipline. We motivate and provide a platform to the young and competitive to participate in different amateur cycling races.

Riding cycles along with friends on weekends or holidays develops social bonding among people. Cycling is a great way to explore and understand our surrounding areas that are not accessible by cars or are too far to walk to. One can ride at one’s own pace and go as far as one wants to without caring for where the next petrol pump is.

We also espouse the cause of sustainable tourism by promoting cycle to explore our beautiful region. Due to their negligible carbon footprint cycles cause no environmental damage and as a consequence helps keep our nature green and clean.

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