Doul Gobinda mandir ride

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Doul Gobinda Mandir is situated in North Guwahati, on the north bank of the Brahmaputra river. To go towards Doul Gobinda mandir one needs to take the left turn, after crossing the bridge over the Brahmaputra river, at the intersection and then again take the left road from the intersection and ride under the road overpass. The road has the Amingaon Industrial Estate and IIT Guwahati campuses on its north side and the Brahmaputra river on its south. One needs to ride 10 kms from here to reach the Doul Gobinda Mandir. The road is narrow but in good condition and the mighty river provides a stunning view. The river is wider in this section and the southern and more urban part of the city is clearly visible only during the day time when the fog lifts away. In the evening, when the lights come out, the view of the southern part is majestic.

From Bharalumukh at Guwahati one will need to ride about 20 kms to reach the Mandir. The temple is devoted to Lord Krishna and is situated in the foothills of Chandrabharati Hills. There is a port near the mandir called the Rajaduar Ghat which allows people to come through the river route on small country boats and also boats with diesel engines. People staying near the Ghat and Mandir prefer to travel on the boats as the distance across the river to the southern part is much shorter than across the bridge.

While returning back one may decide to travel in one of the boats which the locals call ‘Bhutbhuti’ because of the sound the diesel engine makes. There are also many larger boats being run the government which run in longer intervals. On the other side of the river is the Sukreswar Ghat, near Pan Bazar and Fancy Bazar (the oldest and biggest business hub of the city).

While crossing the river on the ‘ferry’ one can get a nice view of the tiny river island of Umananda also called the Peacock Island. Umananda is the smallest inhabited river island in the world.

Route Name- Guwahati to Doul Gobinda Mandir Starting Point - Bharalumukh Ending Point - Dol Gobinda Mandir Distance - 20 kms Approx. (One way) Road Type - Tarmac (95%) + Gravel (5%) Elevation Type - Easy to Medium Max Gradient - 6%

Route Map

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