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Oil India Limited organises Plogging Challenge as part of Swacchata Pakhwada of Swachh Bharat Mission



Plogging is an eco-friendly exercise through which people pick up trash / litter while jogging or brisk walking as a way to clean up litter and also take care of their health. Plogging as an activity was started in Sweden by Erik Ahlström in 2016.


Oil India Limited (Guwahati) has initiated this challenge with a long term vision towards creating awareness and public engagements among the residents of Guwahati. It is a campaign that intends to motivate people to actively take part in cleaning up their surrounding area and at the same time take care of their health by competing with others. To encourage more people to participate cycling along with the main activities like running and walking has been included for the challenge. This also makes the challenge unique in a way.

Due to the covid-19 situation physical events with mass participation are not advisable. However to encourage people to take part in physical activities and also to motivate them to take part in clean-up activities this virtual challenge has been initiated.


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You can walk any distance and on any route you like



You can run any distance and on any route you like



You can ride any distance and on any route you like with any cycle you have



You can take part in the activity anytime between 5 AM to 5 PM as per your convenience. Avoid going out during the curfew hours



Its a daily activity. Its starts from 4th July and ends on 15th July 2021. The more consistent you are the more chances of you winning the challenge



You can start and end from any location or area. You choose any route or part of the city as per your convenience. You can go on the same route everyday.




First you have to register to take part in the challenge. Registration is mandatory if you wish to participate. You need to register only once. There are no registration fees. Anyone above 12 years of age can participate.

Second you have to join our STRAVA Club named Guwahati Ploggers and the join the event as per your chosen activity. We accept only STRAVA records and joining our group is mandatory if you wish to participate. We can accept your request to join our club only if you register in the 1st step above. You will have to download and install the app from playstore / appstore if you have not used it before

Third you may join our TELEGRAM group, named Guwahati Ploggers, to communicate with us. Though this is not mandatory, joining this group you can updates about the challenge. You will have to download and install the app from playstore / appstore if you have not used it before

Registrations are now closed


The process has ended and updation is not required



Points will be given to each participant in the mentioned areas. A participant can earn maximum 10 points per day if all the steps are fulfilled. The participant with the maximum points at the end of the challenge will be declared the winner. Regular leader-boards (participant rankings table) will be prepared based on these points and shared. Please note that the point for distance will go to break a tie among participants.



Prizes for 3 Senior & 1 Junior champions.  One from each of the activities will be declared the Senior champions. One overall Junior champion will be declared.


T-Shirts for the top 8 Senior participants in each of the activities & top 6 overall Junior participants


E-Certificates for all winners and participants


The questions and answers written below are based on the rules and regulations of the event and may change without prior notice. These FAQs will be referred to settle any disputes that may arise in the future.

Q. Who can participate?

A. Any resident of Guwahati above the age of 12 can participate.

Q. Are there any joining fees?

A. There are no joining fees. It is a free event.

Q. How to participate?

A. You will need to register for the challenge through a google form (link shared above), then join our STRAVA club and take part in the activity of your choice. During the activity you have to collect trash lying on your route and dispose it properly in a dustbin. After the activity you have to update the Daily Activity Details. The steps are mentioned above

Q. Can a minor take part in the challenge?

A. Anyone above the age of 12 years can participate. However we advice that an adult guardian accompanies and supervises the activities of their minor ward. We will not be able to provide any assistance nor can we be held liable for any injury or infection caused to the child while taking part in the activities.

Q. I am not a resident of Guwahati, can I take part?

A. Yes, you can take part. However this year we are focusing on Guwahati only and this challenge is basically for the residents of Guwahati. Only they will be considered for allocation of points, ranking in the leader-board and consequently for all the top positions.

Q. Which activity can I choose and take part in?

A. You can choose and take part in any one activity as per your choice and convenience. For example if you choose Ride / Cycling you will need to have your own cycle and should know how to ride it. We will not be able to provide you any assistance with getting a cycle.

Q. Can I take part in more than one activity?

A. No, you can take part in only one activity. Whatever activity you choose you will have to continue with that activity till the challenge ends. 

Q. Why do I have to collect trash / litter?

A. The word Plogging means to collect while jogging. This is an eco-friendly exercise through you can clean up litter  / trash and also take care of their health.

Q. Can I participate without collecting trash / litter?

A. If you are not comfortable collecting trash / litter from the roadside then it is better for you not to participate in the challenge.

Q. What do I do with the trash / litter I collect?

A. The best and only thing to do is dispose the collected trash / litter into the designated dustbins.

Q. Do I need to wear any protective gloves to collect the trash / litter?

A. Wearing some kind of protective gloves to collect the trash / litter is always helpful. However that is not mandatory as you can use a plastic packet wrapped around your hands or a stick to pick up the trash / litter.

Q. What kind of trash / litter needs to be collected?

A. Anything that you feel does not belong to be lying around on the roadside but needs to be properly disposed into a dustbin. It can be paper, plastic wrappers, plastic bottles, glass bottles, sanitary napkins, diapers, cigarette butts, etc, as the list is endless. However if you do not feel safe or comfortable to pickup anything that looks sharp or too messy please do not pick it up. You need to be comfortable picking up trash / litter lying on the roadside.

Q. How much trash / litter do I have to collect?

A. There are no trash / litter weight or volume criteria. You can collect as much as you want to or feel will help clean up your surrounding.

Q. How much distance do I have to cover?

A. This is not a distance based challenge. You can cover as much distance as you wish to collect and clean your surrounding. The distance part will be effective only in case of a tie of points between participants.

Q. Where do I go to participate in the challenge or Where is the venue?

A. There is no particular venue for this challenge. You can choose any nearby place or route as per your convenience to take part in this challenge.

Q. What is the duration of the challenge?

A. The challenge is for a duration of 12 days. It starts from 4th July and end on 15th July 2021. However, the organiser reserves the right to extend or shorten or cancel the challenge in whole or in part without prior notice.

Q. Is it a group event or an individual event?

A. It is an event where individuals can take part and compete with each other.

Q. Can I take part in it with my friends?

A. The best way to take part with your friends is to encourage them to participate in the challenge and compete with them to see who is the most consistent. Due to the ongoing covid-19 situation it is advisable not to go out in large groups or go to places of large public gatherings.


Q. What covid-19 guidelines do I have to follow?

A. Please follow all Covid-19 protocols and guidelines currently in force like wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, follow curfew laws, etc. For more details please check out government notifications.

Q. What if I get injured/ infected with any disease while participating in the challenge?

A. In case of an injury or if you suspect any kind of infection you should immediately take medical help. Since this is a virtual event the organisers, its affiliates and all other people involved with the event will not be able to provide you any medical assistance or advice during or after the injury or infection. We cannot be held liable for any injury or infection caused to you while taking part in the activities. Please take all precautions while participating in any of the activities.

Q. What prizes will be given to the winners?

A. The prizes will be a combination of cash + e-certificates and some mementos. The amount and nature of the awards will be disclosed later.

Q. How can I get the T-Shirts or prizes?

A. After the final results we will inform you about a place from where you can collect your T-Shirts and prizes.

Q. I don't have any social media profiles, will I be able to join?

A. You can always take part in the challenge. However since there are points for posting in social media and most people have their accounts, you may loose out on those points.

Q. Which social media profiles can I use to post my photos / videos?

A. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are the social media platforms that a majority of the people use here. You can use any platform you are comfortable in. You just need to use the hashtags while posting your photos or videos.

Q. What are the Hashtags?

A. There are two hashtags that you will need to use in all your social media posts. These are #SwachhataPakhwada2021 and #OilGuwahatiPlog2021

Q. What is STRAVA and how to use it?

A. STRAVA is a world famous fitness activity tracking app that uses our phone's GPS to track our movement, direction, location, speed etc. If you have not used it earlier you can click on this youtube video link here to know more.

Q. I have joined the STRAVA club, now what do I do?

A. Great, now just choose the event displayed in the club as per your chosen activity

Q. Do I need to join a STRAVA event?

A. Yes, you need to join any one of the events as per your chosen activity.

Q. I can see 3 events in the STRAVA club of Guwahati Ploggers, which one do I choose?

A. You need to choose the event as per your chosen activity. For eg. if you have chosen WALK as your activity you have to choose WALK - OIL India Swachhata Pakhwada - Plogging Challenge and likewise.

Q. I am facing problems with my STRAVA, and my data is not showing properly, what do I do?

A. Even though STRAVA is one of the most popular fitness apps it also has its share of problem since it is an app. If you face any problem we will not be able to help you directly. We will have to accept only the data that STRAVA provides. You can check out some youtube videos for a resolution of your problems.

Q. What are the things that need to be updated the Daily Activity form?

A. You have to upload / share the following 3 things in the Daily Activity form

  1. Share the link of your latest STRAVA activity that you undertook as part of the challenge

  2. Photos or videos you took on the way during your activity

  3. Screenshot of your Social Media post about your activity (any social media platform will do)

Q. Why do I need to update the Daily Activity form

A. Updating the Daily Activity form will help us in assessing your activities and giving you points based on your activities. 

Q. Do I need to update the Daily Activity Details form daily?

A. Yes, updating it regularly is advisable and considered as a best practice. It will help you reduce your workload compared to if you let it pile up. And also we will be preparing leader-boards (participant rankings table) on a regular basis taking your inputs. It becomes very difficult to update the leader-board with previously missed data.

Q. What kind of photos / videos can I share in Daily Activity Details form?

A. You need to upload only photos and videos of your plogging activity in the form. Posting photos / videos that are not relevant will not help you earn points.

Q. What is TELEGRAM and how to use it?

A. TELEGRAM is a powerful instant messaging app like Whatsapp but with more security features. If you have used Whatsapp you can start using it quite easily after installing it. We are using it because of its security features and also because it allows more than 2 lakh members in its groups.

Q. Whom do I contact in case of any query or doubt?

A. Although we tried to address all your queries here and will keep updating it you can write to us at pedalforachange@gmail.com for your doubts.