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Pedal Talks

What is Pedal Talks?

It is a series of talks initiated by Pedal for a Change where we speak with different people who love cycling, people who are promote cycling, people from different fields who promote the cause of cycling, and the list will grow as we speak with more people.

The sessions are broadcast live on Facebook from our Facebook page.


The idea is to interact with people and understand their perspectives about cycling. The sessions started just one discussion during the lockdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Later on we decided to carry on the talks with different people and make it into a series without a fixed schedule. We did it as per our and the guests convenience.

The initiative is supported by Spokehub Cycling and Whacky Talky

Previous Sessions

Urban Life
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Session 4

In this session we had  guests from 4 different bicycle stores of Guwahati to discuss about the basic information that would help a first time bicycle buyer to make the right choice. 

It was held on 30th May 2020 from 7:00 PM (IST) onwards.

  1. Mr. Iftekhar Hussian - Imperial Cycles, Guwahati

  2. Ms. Pallavi Maggu - Gear Up Cycles, Guwahati

  3. Ms. Ajanta Boro - Spokehub Cycles, Guwahati

  4. Ms. Rashmi Gogoi - Wonder Wheels, Guwahati

​The video is available on our page and can be viewed from here​​​​​​​​​

Gals & Pals
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Session 3

This time we spoke with members of cycling communities from a few cities and towns of Assam who are doing great to promote cycling in their places.

It was held on 16th May 2020 from 7:00 PM (IST) onwards.

  1. Mr. Jubaraj Choudhury - President of Duliajan Cycling Community

  2. Mr. Joyon Bordoloi - Executive Member of Jorhat Cycling Community

  3. Mr. Maihursa Boro - President of Udalguri Cycling Community

  4. Mr. Anirban Dutta -  Founder member of Sivsagar Cycling Community

  5. Mr. Himangshu Sarma - Secretary of Bajali Cycling Community


The video is available on our page and can be viewed from here 

Lost Soles
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Session 2

The desire for a cycling friendly city with great cycling infrastructure isn't as simple as flipping a switch. It's is also not as simple as being cyclists we make a demand on the government and they agree to it.

The government will seek technical information from specialists from different fields. An urban planner will provide the technical know-how, like location, design, type, costs, etc., about cycling infrastructure. Technical institutes will provide research based findings regarding the flow of traffic in the city and the perception of the people towards alternative modes of transport.

In view of this we have decided to speak with two such experts on the topic "Future of transportation with focus on cycling". It was held on 5th May 2020 from 7:00 PM (IST) onwards.

  1. Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Maurya is currently Professor in Department of Civil Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati, India

  2. Mr. Pratik Dave is an Urban Mobility Specialist working as an independent consultant.  

The video is available on our page and can be viewed from here 

Running Suits
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Session 1

It was our first session and we spoke with 4 regular, well known and eminent cyclists of Guwahati. It was held on 28th April 2020 from 7:00 PM (IST) onwards.


The topic of discussion was "Cycling as a mode of transport after Covid-19 and beyond."

The guest speakers were

  1. Mr. Paul Barua, ACS – Managing Director, Guwahati Metropolitan Drinking Water & Sewerage Board 
    He is an avid cyclist who cycles regularly to keep himself fit and healthy

  2. Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Handique - Radiologist, Director- GNRC Hospitals. 
    He is a very fit person loves his cycle rides. He regularly commutes to his office.

  3. Mr. Sugata Goswami – Entrepreneur, Photographer and Restaurant owner. 
    He is an avid cyclist who commutes a lot for his work. 

  4. Mr. Abid Azad – Banker and intellectual. 
    He loves to travel, run marathons and cycle too. He too regularly commutes for his office.


The video is available on our page and can be viewed from here