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Logo Design Contest for

Green & Active Mobility Forum (GAMOF)


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Terms & Conditions


  1. All entries must be emailed to pedalforachange@gmail.com. Entries submitted through any other medium/mode would not be considered for evaluation.

  2. Participants need to send the following details. Entries with incomplete profiles may be rejected. 

    1. Participant name,

    2. Phone number,

    3. Age

    4. Profession (student/working/other)

    5. Present address

    6. Pin code.

  3. ​The Contest is open to all (only) Indian citizens/artists.

  4. The winning entry will be awarded a cash prize of Rs.5000/- in due course after declaration of the results.

  5. ​The winning logo will be the intellectual property of the contest organizers as soon as the results are declared, and the winners cannot exercise any right thereafter over the submitted work/art/logo/drawing and any other design or idea shared as a part of this competition. The winner shall be deemed to have surrendered copyrights of the winning logo to the contest organizers as soon as the results are declared. Winner will also be required to give an undertaking for the same.

    • ​The prize-winning logo may be used by the contest organizers in any manner they deem fit.

    • The contest organizers reserve the right to modify/alter/amend/redesign the prizewinning logo, in form, content, look and concept i.e. unfettered right to modify the prize-winning logo design and add or delete any information or design feature in any form to it.

    • The contest organizers also reserve the right to not use the prize-winning logo at all, and/ or to use an alternative logo and/ or to not use any logo at all.

  6. The logo must not contain any provocative, objectionable or inappropriate content. We encourage smart, crisp and minimalist designs.

  7. Participants can send multiple entries if they wish to. 

  8. Please note that the logo must be original and should not violate any provision of the Indian Copyright Act, 1957.

  9. ​Pedal for a Change and Green & Active Mobility Forum does not bear any responsibility for copyright violations or infringements of intellectual property carried out by the participants.

  10. The design of the logo must not infringe on the Intellectual Property Rights of any third party. All entries are governed by the provisions of Logos and Names (Prevention of Improper Use) Act, 1950 and any violation of the said Act will result in disqualification.

  11. ​The participant must be the same person who has designed the logo and no plagiarism of any kind would be allowed.

  12. Pedal for a Change and Green & Active Mobility Forum reserves the right to cancel or amend all or any part of the Contest and/ or the Terms & Conditions/ Technical Parameters/ Evaluation Criteria. However, any changes to the Terms & Conditions/ Technical Parameters/ Evaluation Criteria, or cancellation of the Contest, will be updated/posted here.

  13. It would be the responsibility of the participants to keep themselves informed about any changes in the Terms & Conditions Technical Parameters Evaluation Criteria stated for this Contest.

  14. The responsibility to comply with the guidelines and other conditions fully lies with the participant and we shall not be liable for any dispute raised by a third party.

  15. ​The last date of receiving entries is March 15th 2022.

  16. ​The results of the contest would be declared on this website. The tentative date of declaration of the result for the contest is 20th March 2022.

  17. ​We will declare only the winner and will not grade the other entries/ participants.



Technical Parameters

  1. Participants should upload the logo in PNG or PDF format only.

  2. A document specifying graphical construction of the design in exact proportions in a bigger size, along with final design, theme synopsis and concept will be required to be submitted by the winning entry.

  3. All technical details, including file formats, can be structured in the sheet itself. The size of the final design may vary from 4 cms X 4 cms to 60 X 60 cms. (Note: The logo need not be square. We are not specifying any geometrical shape. The dimensions above indicate only the minimum and maximum ‘frame’ sizes of usage.)

  4. ​The logo should be in high resolution with a minimum 300 DPI.

  5. The logo should be designed on a digital platform.

  6. ​The logo should be usable on the website/social media such as Twitter/Facebook / Instagram and on printed material such as black and white press releases, stationery and signage.

  7. Participants should not imprint or watermark logo design.

  8. Participants to keep the editable/ open file format (EPS, SVG etc.) also ready – this shall be required to be submitted later for the winning entry. During the course of evaluation, contest organizers may ask participants to resubmit their entry in different size(s)/ format(s) etc.

  9. Participants to also share a branding guideline (Microsoft Word or PowerPoint) which documents that various colour palettes (RGB), font types/names/styles and other design elements used in the logo.



Selection Process


  1. All the entries received by us would be assessed for awards by a Selection Committee for final evaluation.

  2. Entries would be judged on the basis of elements of creativity, originality, composition, technical excellence, simplicity, artistic merit and visual impact and how well they communicate the profile and essence of Green & Active Mobility Forum.

  3. The decision of the Selection Committee would be final and binding on all the contestants and no clarifications would be issued to any participants or any decision of the Selection Committee.

  4. We shall not use the disqualified entries for any purpose and we shall have no intellectual rights over the same.

  5. Any legal proceedings arising out of the contest/ its entries/ winners shall be subject to local jurisdiction of Guwahati.



GAMOF stands for Green and Active Mobility Forum

We are a Civil Society Organisation working towards making Walking and Cycling a safe, accessible, aspirational and inclusive mode of commute for all. We believe that pedestrian facilities in our cities need to be better and safer.


Among our members we have Educators, Media personalities, Government and Corporate employees, Doctors, Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Urban and Transport planners, Students as well as Environmental and Sustainable development professionals and advocates.

​We engage with various governmental and private stakeholders in furtherance of our vision of making our cities Cycling and Walking friendly.



Walking and cycling are two of the most preferred active mobility options to prevent cardiovascular and lifestyle related diseases that are on the rise

These are sustainable transportation options in reducing carbon footprint, traffic congestion and countering the effects of climate change.

Prioritising these will specifically help achieve Sustainable Development Goal number 11 and 13.

These also have the potential to reduce the growing number of traffic accidents and resultant fatalities.