Let's make Guwahati the most cycling friendly city by 2030

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The Bicycle Councillor Program involves creating Bicycle leadership at the lowest administrative unit in cities in India - the Ward. This is an honorary position nominated based on the information provided while applying and interviews that will be conducted by the Bicycle Mayors of the city for which councillors are being chosen. The Bicycle Councillors will be working closely with the Bicycle Mayor to accomplish the objectives set out by BYCS and the Bicycle Mayor of that city.


Any citizen of India and a resident of Guwahati between the age of 18 to 65 can apply. One just needs to be passionate to work together towards making cycling as a mode of transport - safe, accessible and aspirational for all sections of the society.



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  • The Bicycle Councillor’s position is honorary, voluntary and non-political in nature.

  • The Bicycle Councillor will not receive any financial support or salary for their work.

  • The position does not helps one to get any special privilege or preferential treatment in any walk of life.

  • Their work will be appreciated and supported when it meets the ideals of community work, collective decision making and team work with regard to the stated goals.

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Please read everything here fully and carefully to understand the idea and the requirements before applying.

Please make sure to read the application form fully to understand what and how to answer.

We are looking for people who really want to be change-makers

The application process has ended


  • Stage 1 – Online Application through a google form

  • Stage 2 – Through a personal interview by a panel of interviewers drawn from various sections of the society in the city.


  • Work in their locality / ward by encouraging people to take up cycling as a mode of transport.

  • Whenever possible speak or write or share information about benefits of cycling  in various mediums and forums.

  • Organise or help in organising different kinds of engaging cycling events, activities, campaigns – locally at their ward levels and for the whole city.

  • Engage with the local and city authorities for better cycling facilities and infrastructure.

  • Oversee the cycling progress of a particular ward in the city and maintain regular communication with the ward level stakeholders like the councillor and other city administrators.

  • Bicycle Councillors will work closely with the support, guidance and advice of the Bicycle Mayor and in full cooperation of the entire team.

  • Bicycle Councillors will not take part in any activity in their official role as Bicycle Councillors without informing or taking permission of the Bicycle Mayor.


The Bicycle Councillors identified for cities with Bicycle Mayors can take up the following projects to help the Bicycle Mayors achieve their goals of 50x30. Apart from these starter-kit projects, the councillors can come up with any innovative idea to get more people on the bicycle in their ward and enhance the value of the network.

  • Mapping of cycling clubs and what type of cycling is prevalent in their ward.

  • Understanding their ward and mapping of institutions (citizen groups, NGOs, educational, businesses, offices, and government departments) and propose what works best at their ward level.

  • Baseline understanding of modal share in their ward and what percentage use bicycle for commute and leisure.

  • Identify any transport related projects ongoing in their ward - it can be infrastructure related both cycling and non-cycling (planning for footpaths, cycle tracks, Public Bicycle Sharing system etc.)

  • One project proposal on how they are going to promote cycling in their ward and execution plan for this proposal after studying their ward thoroughly.

  • Identifying networks of streets that can be completely pedestrianized and cycling friendly in their ward.

  • Cycle Day/Open Street events at their ward level to be started post COVID 19.


  • Good articulation ability of thoughts.

  • Can express his/ her ideas well.

  • Leadership abilities.

  • Brings extra value addition skills.

  • Has some good ideas to share.

  • Good understanding of his / her local area.

  • Can cycle


  • The Bicycle Councillor’s name and profile will be available and shared online on the website of Pedal For A Change.

  • The names of the selected Bicycle Councillors will be released in local media as well as all our social media platforms.

  • The Bicycle Councillor will represent his/ her ward in all cycling promotional activities in the city.

  • The best performing person will be nominated for the position of Bicycle Mayor of Guwahati after the present incumbent’s tenure ends in 2022.


  • We will organise workshops where information regarding the introductory technical knowledge about urban and transport planning will be imparted.

  • We will prepare toolkits to help guide Bicycle Councillors to carry out their work smoothly.


Q. Who can apply?

A. Any Indian person between the ages 21 to 65 staying in Guwahati can apply.

Q. What is the educational qualification required for the positions?

A. We are looking for committed and passionate people. So educational qualification will not be a hindrance for the right candidate. However since the work will require one to communicate in both written and verbal ways a minimum qualification of 12th pass is required.

Q. How many posts / positions are available?

A. There are presently 31 positions available. One each for each ward of Guwahati. 

Q. What kind of a position is this?

The Bicycle Councillor’s position is honorary, voluntary and non political in nature.

Q. How long will I remain in the position?

A. Once selected a Bicycle Councillor will stay in the position for two years. If for some reason you wish to step down before your term ends then you can do so with prior information.

Q. Can I apply again after resigning?

You can apply for the position again if you feel you can perform your role sincerely. You will have to go through the selection process in place at that time.

Q. Is there any registration or application fees?

A. No you do not need to pay any money for applying for the position.

Q. Will I get any money or salary for doing my work as Junior Bicycle Mayor?

A. No, money will not be paid to you for taking up the activities or travelling as  Bicycle Councillor.

Q. Will my regular work get affected?

A. If you can manage your time well your regular work will not get affected. We would like you to devote atleast an hour everyday for this role.

Q. Do I need to take permission from anyone to apply?

A. If you are an employee then please ask and take permission from your employer before applying.

Q. How will one councilor be selected if many persons from my ward apply?

A. If many persons from your ward applies then the person with the best attitude will be selected as the Bicycle Councillor for that ward.

Q. Will I get any special privileges for my role?

As of now the position does not helps one to get any special privilege or preferential treatment in any walk of life.

Q. How will my work be assessed?

Your performance will be assessed on your willingness to learn and adapt, make collective decision, ability to work in and as a team and activities on the ground with regard to promoting cycling.


The Bicycle Councillors of Guwahati program is being initiated in Guwahati by the Bicycle Mayor of Guwahati – Mr. Arshel Akhter.

​​The Bicycle Mayor & Leaders Network is a global initiative, by BYCS, to accelerate the progress of cycling in cities and help get another one billion people onto bikes.

Bicycle Mayors are a catalyst to bring together the public and private realms to uncover the massive economic, health, and environmental benefits of increased cycling capacity. They are uncovering new ideas, working with others to deliver action and promoting innovations that support better cycling for all.

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The Bicycle Councillors of Guwahati program is endorsed and supported by BYCS, from Amsterdam in The Netherlands.

BYCS is a social enterprise driven by the belief that bicycles transform cities and cities transform the world.


They are driven by a clear and powerful mission called 50by30: whereby they envision half of all city trips to be made by bicycles by 2030.


Increasing cycling not only provides clean, accessible mobility solutions but also ensures better mental and physical health, promotes community strength, protects the environment and supports a sustainable economy. Cycling is more than transportation. It is transformation.


They appoint Bicycle Mayors in cities worldwide to take this mission forward.

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