Pedal for a Change is a social enterprise working towards a cleaner, greener, healthier and sustainable environment by promoting the use of Bicycles in all spheres of life among the people in the North East of India.

It was founded by three individuals from various fields of work and different age groups who are bound together by the common love of cycling and have been working as a team since 2017.


Our vision is to make our region the most Bicycle friendly place in India.


Our mission is to promote cycling in such a way that people use the bicycle as their primary mode for commuting within the city, use cycles as the most preferred mode to touring and exploring the region, use bicycles to get & stay fit, and also use cycles to whet their competitive spirit and achieve sporting accolades.


We conduct regular community rides and special occasion rides. We plan and organize cycling rallies in association with various organisations to spread awareness about different causes through cycling.


We also organize different cycling races in association with Spokehub Racing. We had organized the first cycling conclave, in our region, to discuss about scope of cycling by bringing stakeholders under one common platform.

In association with ESAF we organise Open Street event every monthly on a Sunday at different places around the city.

We conduct the We Too campaign to spread awareness about road safety of cyclists.

We hold regular Pedal Talks with people from various fields on topics related to cycling.

We also conduct interactive sessions in educational institutes speaking about the benefits of cycling. Apart from that articles written by us have appeared in both print and digital news media.

Regarding cycling events we have the expertise and experience to organise any cycling event right from its planning to its final implementation stage.


Simply put its just for the love of cycling

In more detail - Our vision requires us to work towards creating a cycling ecosystem. The ecosystem needs both people and infrastructure.

To encourage people to start and continue cycling we regularly organize different kinds of cycling events like rallies, rides and races. We also conduct interactive sessions among young students to encourage and attract them towards cycling.


We understand the need for cycling infrastructure like cycling lanes, cycle parking areas, bicycle sharing facilities in our city. Since this needs huge financial investments we are trying to impress upon the government by way of writing articles in different media. We organize conclaves and workshops to interact with various stakeholders and understand their perspectives.